Interviewing Skills
For Auditors

How to plan, conduct, analyze and document your audit interviews for the best results with an easy-to-follow approach

  • Improve your audit results

  • Gather more information in less time

  • Make your auditing more efficient

  • Reduce interview call-backs

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    Learn how to:

    • Define "audit interview"
    • Recognize the purposes of interviews
    • Identify and distinguish the various types of interviews
    • Recognize the types of information obtainable from interviews
    • Use interviews for evidence gathering
    • Plan your interviews
    • Prepare for your interviews
    • Conduct and control your interviews
    • Handle challenging interviewees
    • Analyze your interview results
    • Document your interviews

    If you want to succeed as an internal auditor,
    you came to the right place!

    Bill Stack,
    President, TopSkills

    We publish nine self-instructional books to enable our fellow internal auditors to enjoy success in their jobs now and their careers for a lifetime. They focus on several key points of the auditing process where the sharpest skills are most needed.

    For All Internal Auditors

    Auditors: Get the Most From Your Interviews

    Easily get the best results from this important yet challenging evidence-gathering method. Interviews can produce more information in more ways than any other type of auditing effort. But it's the only evidence-gathering method that requires auditors to respond to the unexpected and decide on the spot, so it also requires special auditing skills. Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors will help you achieve success easily and avoid common pitfalls.

    Use Appropriate Approaches

    Did you know there are several types of interviews, each needing a slightly different approach? Using a standard technique might work for some, but it won't produce good results for others. Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors will help you understand the various types of interviews so you can plan and conduct them appropriately.

    Get the Right Information Quickly and Easily

    So much information in so many forms can be obtained from interviews that auditors can miss important data if they're not on top of the situation. Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors will help you clearly understand the various types of information obtainable from interviews so you can get what you need when you need it.

    Plan and Control Your Interviews

    Even though the best interviews are informal, deliberate planning and controlling are necessary to getting the information you need. Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors will help you plan and control this crucial evidence-gathering method for the best results.

    Handle Challenging Interviewees Prudently and Effectively

    While most interviewees are cooperative, some can present unexpected challenges that auditors must meet. Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors will help you meet these challenges when they arise.

    Analyze Your Interview Results

    Because interviews can produce so much varied information, thorough analysis if the information is crucial to the interview's success. Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors will show you how to analyze your interview data for best results.

    Document Your Interviews

    Different interviews can be documented different ways. While sketchy documentation of some interviews can lead to reference problems later, there's no need for comprehensive documentation of all interviews. Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors will show you various ways of documenting various interview types.

    Successful Interviews Lead to Successful Reports

    Audit Managers: Give Your Auditors the Skills for Success

    Interviewing produces important audit data, but it does not come naturally. Auditors need specific skills and methods for the best interview results.

    Reduce report-writing time and increase report quality by strengthening the interview information that goes into those reports. Minimize time wasted on following up for information that should have been gathered during the interview. Improve productivity and morale in the process.

    Successful Auditors Make Successful Organizations

    Learn From an Easy-to-Use Manual

    Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors has been carefully designed, written, and published for specific results — helping internal auditors and their organizations be successful.

    Find Needed Information Quickly and Easily

    The book is organized and laid out for your easiest use. Information is divided into relevant chapters, and chapters are organized into easy-to-follow sections. Headings and captions help you find information quickly. It's fully indexed for quick reference.

    Clearly Written and Easy to Use

    Your Interviewing Skills for Auditors was written by professional auditors, trainers and writers, then it was published by an experienced training enterprise to help auditors learn by reading and doing. Philosophies and methods used by successful auditors are explained in straight-forward, easy-to-follow English. Visual aids help you grasp the principles, and easy-to-follow exercises help you apply the concepts and methods for experience and learning.

    Convenient Format

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    Spiral-bound paper versions lie flat for easy use.

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