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  • Write audit reports that bring the results you want
  • Eliminate drudgery and frustration of report writing
  • Spend less time writing your reports
  • Reduce annoying rewrites
  • Increase acceptance of your reports
  • Writing Successful
    Audit Reports
    A comprehensive manual for performance report writers:

    • Internal Auditors   • Inspector General Auditors   • Auditing Firms

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    Learn how to:

    • Write audit reports that bring the results you want
    • Eliminate drudgery and frustration of report writing
    • Spend less time writing your reports
    • Minimize frustrating rewrites
    • Increase acceptance of your reports
    • Produce results-driven reports
    • Make report writing less arduous
    • Spend fewer resources drafting and revising reports

    If you want to succeed as an internal auditor,
    you came to the right place!

    Bill Stack, President, TopSkills

    We have published nine self-instructional books to enable our fellow internal auditors to enjoy success in their jobs now and their careers for a lifetime. They focus on several key points of the auditing process where the sharpest skills are most needed.

    For All Internal Auditors

    Audit Report Writers:

    Write Audit Reports That Bring the Results You Want

    Learn methods of writing audit reports to convince readers that your findings are right. Persuade decision makers to act on your recommendations. Minimize rejection of your findings. Impress readers executives, auditees, and other readers with your auditing and writing skills.

    Eliminate Drudgery and Frustration of Report Writing

    Improve your report-writing skills and use proven writing techniques to make report writing less hassle.

    Spend Less Time Writing Your Reports

    Use proven writing techniques to finish your drafts sooner and meet your writing deadlines. Cut down on time-wasting rewrites.

    Minimize Annoying Rewrites

    Improve your writing skills so bosses and team members will be more likely to accept your writings with fewer rewrites. Learn how to use deductive presentation and deductive writing to your advantage.

    Increase Acceptance of Your Reports

    Make such good impressions on your bosses and auditees that they will be more likely to accept your reports and findings as written.

    For All Success-Seeking Organizations

    Audit Managers & Team Leaders:

    Produce Results-Driven Audit Reports

    Give your auditors the skills they need to write audit reports that convince readers, persuade decision makers, and effect positive changes.

    Make the Report Writing Process Less Arduous

    Improve your auditors' report-writing skills and show them how to use proven writing techniques to reduce the drudgery of report writing. Watch their products improve with every draft they write.

    Spend Less Time Reviewing Draft Reports

    Enable your auditors to write draft reports that are close to finished products.

    Minimize Time-Wasting Rewrites

    Improve your auditors' writing skills so their products will be more acceptable and require fewer rewrites.

    Increase Acceptance of Your Teams' Reports

    Give your auditees and third parties well-organized and clearly written reports every time.

    Plan Your Reports and Reap Your Results

    Make this dreaded phase of auditing more satisfying while accomplishing your objectives. Plan your work, work your plan, and see your results. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will help you achieve your success easily.

    For Auditors of All Grade Levels

    Learn These Crucial Audit-Reporting Skills

    Acknowledge Your Reporting Roles

    When auditors write and issue reports, they fill many roles without realizing it. Knowing these roles enables us to write useful products. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will help you know your writing and reporting roles.

    Recognize Your Readers

    With audit reports being such an important means of communicating your information to other people, recognizing those people enables you to communicate effectively with them in writing. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will help you know who your readers are so you can write to them.

    Organize and Present Your Findings

    Findings are the most troubling aspect of writing audit reports. Our simple organizational method helps readers follow your findings and helps you present them. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will show you how easy it is.

    Make Your Reports Impactful

    Although some audit reports are about interesting subjects, we all know that most of them can be rather dull. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will show you how to make these dull subjects so interesting that readers won't stop reading.

    Report About Fraud Legally

    We all know how sensitive fraud issues can be, so how can we write about them authoritatively without trampling people's rights to due process? Your Writing Successful Audit Reports shows how to dance through this mine field.

    Communicate Visually

    Another way to make readers interested in our dull subjects is to communicate visually with them. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will show you how easy this effective writing technique is.

    Present Your Auditee's Responses

    Responses to auditees can be an embarrassing portion of an audit report because of the manner and environment in which it's written. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will show you how to make this section as strong as all others in your reports.

    Ensure Your Quality

    Too many inadequate drafts result from writers bypassing a crucial writing step — self review and revision. Your Writing Successful Audit Reports will show you a simple yet effective way to ensure your quality.

    For All Career-Seeking Auditors
    Build Your Skills From an Easy-to-Use Self-Help Book

    Writing Successful Audit Reports is designed to be easy for all auditors to use. Our writing style is clear. We carefully chose fonts that are easy to read. Numerous images help convey information. Topics are organized into logical chapters. Headers on every page identify chapter titles and page numbers. Footers on every page identify the book title. A table of contents and a complete index help readers quickly find needed information. It's all designed for your use.

    Find Needed Information Quickly and Easily

    Writing Successful Audit Reports is organized and laid out for your easiest use. Information is divided into relevant chapters, and chapters are organized into easy-to-follow sections. Headings and captions help you find information quickly. It's fully indexed for quick reference.

    Clearly Written and Easy to Use

    Your Writing Successful Audit Reports is written by professional auditors, trainers and writers, then published by an experienced training enterprise to help you learn by reading and doing. Philosophies and methods used by successful auditors are explained in straight-forward, easy-to-follow English. Visual aids help you grasp the principles, and easy-to-follow exercises help you apply the concepts and methods for experience and learning.

    Convenient Format

    Writing Successful Audit Reports is published in formats that are convenient for use at your desk.

  • Spiral-bound paper versions lie flat on a table or desk without harming the binding.

  • Digital versions are readable with any device or software that reads PDF (portable document format) files, such as Adobe, Kindle, Libre, Nitro, and Nook. If your E-Reader reads PDF files, it will read Writing Successful Audit Reports.
  • Both versions are 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (14 cm by 22 cm), or approximately A5. This book is 236 pages.

    Spiral-bound paper versions lie flat for easy use.

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    Writing Successful Audit Reports

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